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Wool Shoes Myths, Debunked

One may be surprised to know that wool is one of the most flexible, comfortable, and cozy fabrics. Wool does a fantastic job as it regulates the temperature of one’s body and keeps the moisture away. In other words, by keeping one comfortable and cozy, it also keeps a person’s body from overheating.  Men’s wool shoes were not in trend until Baabuk started making men’s wool shoes. Below are some of the best options of mens wool shoes to keep your feet cozy and cool.

  • Wool Runners: Possibly the first kind of shoe which came first. Wool runners are the best quality and most familiar kind of wool shoes for men. They are made up of superfine merino wool and it regulates one’s body temperature, which means it does not overheat the feet. This shoe helps to comfort the feet by providing comfort and a cushion feels and even helps in keeping the odor away
  • High Top Sneakers: These are mostly preferred types. They are made up of rubberized threads and with water repellent technology, these are the best type of man’s wool sneakers to wear and roam around on rainy days. Just like the low-top sneakers even the high tops are super cozy and comfortable. Feels like cotton when one wears them 
  • Loungers Sneakers are one of the best shoes to wear in-house. As everyone needs something good, comfortable, something which keeps the feet warm and cozy on cold days and as easy to slip on. They can be also worn for sports as well. Like all the other types of men’s wool shoes, lounger sneakers can easily be washed in the machine and it keeps the odor away and the most special thing about this type is that they are made up from renewable materials. Super easy to put on.

Brand One Should Look Out For In Wool Shoes

Baabuk is one of the most famous brands one can look out for to buy wool shoes. Baabuk got its name from a mix of the words between BAA of the sheep and BABUSHKA, a Russian word meaning grandmother. As sneakers are one of the most loved and popular products of Baabuk, they have a lot of amazing and exciting options for the ones who want to take the benefits of wearing wool shoes or sneakers and even slippers which are made out of wool. The wool which this company uses comes from New Zealand, Portugal where the sheep are reared in the natural parks of Serra da Estrela. The wool is also free from mulesing. The sole of the slippers and shoes is made of natural latex which is 100% natural except pomobux. As wool is a kind of material that is insulating and regulating and it keeps the feet warm in winters or cold weather and keeps the feet cold in summers or hot weather. So, these kinds of footwear are suitable in all kinds of weather. The shoes and slippers styles are unisex. These type of shoes can be worn outdoors and indoors, for travelling, etc.

If the shoes get wet due to rain or due to any reason then they can be kept simply at room temperature and avoid drying them with dryers as they can damage the shoes. The wool does not get damaged with water or it doesn’t shrink because the raw material is washed before converting into a final product.

Benefits of wearing wool shoes

Wool is not the first fabric that comes into mind when people talk about footwear but as wool is a natural and sustainable fabric this quality has helped it to gain popularity and is gradually seen as an amazing alternative for leather. As wool is super soft and comfortable, it also keeps the odor away because it is breathable material. It also keeps the moisture away resulting in regulating body temperature. As it helps in keeping the moisture away it makes a person feel fresh and dry. Wool shoes do not require a person to wear socks and can be worn directly. It also keeps the feet warm in chilly winters. Wool shoes are the best option for sensitive skin. And can be washed and cleaned easily.


Therefore, there are innumerable benefits of wearing mens wool shoes. These shoes are a comfortable and sustainable option. Try out and feel the difference.

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