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Why You and Your Friends Will Love a Pool Float

Summer can be the best time of year for so many reasons. No matter what your lifestyle is, chances are that summer is the time of year for you to kick back, relax, and enjoy the weather. If you are a student, summer represents a time of no homework, less stress, and free time. If you are a working professional, summer is often a downtime, with many businesses taking fewer contracts or serving fewer clients. And if you are a family person, you are probably noticing the benefits of the students or working professionals in your household having fewer deadlines and more time to spend relaxing. Regardless of which category you fit into, everybody wants to be able to find ways to just cut back and rest.
For many people, summertime equates to time on the water. Being in the pool can be a great way to strengthen friendships, build community, and exercise without feeling like you are getting sweaty or gross. Being on the water also means the ability to just close your eyes and drift, letting the water decide where you float as you soak up as much sunshine as possible.

Accessories First!

In order to maximize the potential of your time in the pool, you are going to need to make sure you have all the proper accessories. For example, if you get dehydrated, the last thing you will want to do is to go through the entire process of getting out, drying off, finding a cooler (or worse, a vending machine), getting a drink, and then drinking it before you can get back in the water. A solution to this problem would be looking into something like a fun floating cooler for the pool. It will keep your drinks dry, cold, and accessible while also adding a little pizazz to your pool day. Express your personality with something like a floating palm tree with three cup holders and an ice cooler.
Make sure you grab a beach towel too, because after a few hours on the water you will definitely need something to dry off with. Finding one that matches your personality is super easy and can be a fun way to express yourself without drawing *too* much attention.

Get a Pool Float!

The absolute best way to make sure you and your friends are getting the most amount of benefit from your day on the water or in the pool is to find a way to relax and sunbathe without having to even get out of the water. Enter pool floats.
From the little arm floats that we all used as kids to the giant inflatable boats that live in many people’s backyard pools, floats are versatile and exciting. They can even be a source of personal expression as people use them to display their personality in a fun way on the water. Time on the water is really about community. You can float around all day long by yourself, but if you are in your own pool, you’re probably there to invest in your friends and family and to spend some quality time building those relationships. Getting a pool float is a great way to stimulate conversation, and if you an all your friends get one too, you can build an armada of something fun and flashy like this unicorn pool float made with completely renewable materials, a responsible manufacturing process, and ethically sourced ingredients. If unicorns are not your thing, there are several other designs that may fit your personality better, like a flashy red sports car, an inflatable private get, or just a giant pair of flirty red lips. No matter how and your friends like to express yourselves, you can find a pool float to do it.
While many companies will create a cheap five dollar product with harmful ingredients and just sell it for a profit, the float linked above is different, so not only can you and your friends enjoy your time out on the pool, you can actually feel good about it at the same time!
If you need something even bigger, consider getting a giant cabana dayclub which is essentially a giant floating bed complete with cup holders, a cooler, and an open sunroof that seats up to four adults comfortably. With four individual backrests, you will float in perfect comfort and relaxation.

In Summary

Summer is for sunlight, for warmth, for friends, and for fun. Being outside a lot will benefit your mental health, your physical health, and can improve your digestive health too. If you are looking to maximize your enjoyment of the summer, you and your friends need to look into giant pool floats. You will be able to relax, get a tan, and float wherever the water wants to take you.

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