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Where Should You Have A Phone Holder?

If you have a cup phone holder and don’t know where to put it, then we have a few ideas for you. In fact, we’ll give you a list of suggestions on where to put one here shortly. It’s important to have one of these handy for all the obvious reasons. 

At a time when we are on our phones constantly, we seem to feel the need to focus more on them than the tasks at hand. So if you are looking for a safer way to use your phone without using your hands a lot, then a phone holder is something you need. Now that you have one, here are some places where you can put them:

  • Car dashboard

If you are in your vehicle, there are laws that state that you should not be texting or talking on the phone (in hand) while driving. However, you can talk on the phone using a hands-free device like a phone holder. You can voice activate your phone to call or text someone.

You can even get them to do certain tasks like give directions, give you information on a nearby place of interest, and so much more. This will not only keep you safe from accidents due to distracted driving, but it will also protect your passengers as well. 

Most phone holders will have a suction cup base so you are able to stick it to your dashboard without any additional installation issue. 

  • Windshield 

The windshield is by far one of the better places to install a phone mount. That’s because your windshield will most likely be at eye-level. And it will make things easier on your neck and head.

Not only that, you’ll be able to keep your eyes on the road while the vehicle is in motion. But when you are at a complete stop, you can check your phone for messages and reply-hands free. Again, these phone holders will have a suction cup to keep it in place. 

  • Cup Holder 

The cup holders will be located in so many different places. That will be dependent upon the design of the vehicle. But some cup holders will be near the dashboard of your vehicle.

There are different types of cup holder phone stands that you can get at a good price. You can attach your phone so it stays in position almost every single time. This is also a good place for you to attach larger electronics like larger screen phones or tablets. 

  • Vents

There are phone holders that won’t have suction cup bases or attachments to cup holders. So that leaves us with one other base. A clip that can attach to most vents will likely be your best option. 

Just like air fresheners that are attached to the vents, you can do the same with a phone holder that has a clip-on base. They will be strong and sturdy enough to hold most phones. Plus, there are plenty of vents that are close to the driver’s side of your vehicle. Just place the phone holder where you can be able to look at the phone with ease. 

  • Rearview mirrors

If there is one easily accessible part of your vehicle, it’s your rearview mirror. After all, you look at it almost constantly. And it’s the perfect place for you to clip a phone holder. Like the vents, you’ll be able to clip a phone holder to it.

You can be able to quickly glance at your phone whenever you are using it as a GPS. That way, you know that you’re making the right turn. You can also use it to briefly read messages and reply to them whenever you have the opportunity. 

Where is the best place to attach a phone holder?

Though there are five different areas to place a phone holder, which is the best place? The answer: it depends on several factors. 

If anything, you should have the phone at least at eye-level. So your windshield or rearview mirror are two great places to consider. If you don’t want to have the phone too close to your face, your dashboard will likely be the go-to option. 

At the end of the day, it’s about personal preference. Don’t think there is no wrong way to place a phone holder. Thankfully, you can choose which base is best for you and play around with some placements until you find one that’s best. 

Final Thoughts

If you have a phone holder, you can find a place to attach it properly. Using your phone hands-free while on the road is possible. But you want to keep safe while talking or texting (among other tasks). 

There are plenty of phone holders that you can choose from, so find one that fits your budget and is good enough to fulfill your personal needs. 

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