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When Should You Wear Reading Glasses

You’ve been holding things farther away from your face in order to properly see them.  Books, magazines, your smartphone-you can’t even check a text message unless you extend your arm directly out in front of you.  At night it gets worse.  When the lighting is dim or you feel very tired, it can be almost impossible to read an article or craft a clever comment on social media.  Let us be the first to tell you; it’s time to invest in some reading glasses. 

If the thought of reading glasses conjures up mental images of your grandparents and their seemingly endless stash of cheap, thick, black rimmed readers, have no fear.  Today’s reading glasses are nothing like they were decades ago.  In fact, you can sport a completely drool-worthy pair of wayfarer reading glasses and keep people guessing whether they’re actually assisting your vision or simply adding to your already amazing style. 

If you are having trouble with nearsighted vision, it truly is time to consider correcting your vision with reading glasses.  Here are five reasons why you should be wearing reading glasses right now.   

Five Reasons You Should Be Wearing Reading Glasses Right Now

  1. You’re over forty. Any optometrist can tell you, once we hit the forties, our vision begins to deteriorate.  Even if you’ve had perfect 20/20 vision your entire life, you can expect to begin to lose some of your nearsightedness due to a condition called presbyopia, which is essentially age-related vision deterioration.  Common symptoms of age related vision loss include the inability to see clearly in dim lighting, the constant need to pull small text away from your face to read it, and experiencing eye strain and pain when attempting to read text close up, regardless of the size. 
  2. You’re avoiding reading glasses because you think they are harmful. This is a myth.  Reading glasses do not negatively impact your vision.  In fact, wearing corrective lenses has zero effect on your vision deterioration.  If you begin wearing reading glasses and discover over time you need a stronger lens, it is simply because your vision has gotten a bit worse because of age, not because the glasses harmed your eyes. 
  3. You still have farsighted vision, so you don’t think you need reading glasses. It may surprise you to know that most people lose their nearsighted vision first.  In fact, many people who wear reading glasses can still see perfectly far away and have no need for stronger, prescription corrective lenses from an eye doctor.  Just because your vision is still amazing far away (and hey, congrats to you) doesn’t mean you don’t need reading glasses to help you see close-up.
  4. You simply cannot read text close up without great effort.  What do we mean by “effort?”  If it takes your eyes a long time to focus on individual words in order to read them, if it hurts your eyes to attempt to read text close up, if holding your smartphone or book further away from your face “helps” you read better, these are signs that you are no longer reading effortlessly.  You should not experience pain, discomfort, headaches, eye strain, or have to move text further from your face in order to read it. 
  5. You’re afraid you’ll need them all the time.  Some people think their eyes will develop some sort of addiction to their reading glasses and need them more and more if they wear them, as if reading glasses contained some type of eyeball nicotine.  This is most definitely a fallacy.  Reading glasses are simply a tool to help you see where your eyes can no longer do so properly.  As such, your eyes will not become dependent on them and rely on them to function properly.  Instead, they will simply use them when needed.  You can prove this to yourself by attempting to wear your reading glasses when doing other activities-you’ll quickly discover that wearing them when you are not reading can make your eyes hurt and even make you feel sick!

How to Buy Reading Glasses

Once you’ve committed to buying a pair of reading glasses, you need to determine the strength you need.  You can do this by simply taking a book or smartphone into a drug store and heading to the reading glass kiosk.  Beginning with the lowest strength, try on each pair and attempt to read the text you’ve brought along.  When you can read the text comfortably, you’ve found your perfect strength.

It’s best not to waste your money on a drug store special.  These glasses can be made with really cheap materials that can wear out easily and actually distort your vision.  For best results, opt for a high quality pair of stylish frames on lenses crafted from durable material.  You can find these types of reading glasses from online retailers. 

Reading glasses are a great way to help you read more comfortably and enjoy the vision freedom you once had.  Stylish and affordable, reading glasses are available to anyone without a prescription.  

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