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Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.


Different occasions call for different dress codes. People conclude how you dress since your dress code is your first impression. Even if you don’t care about other people’s opinions, you might certainly want to care about the impression you make. Moreover, if you are a parent, pay attention to how you dress your kids not to expose them unduly. The way you dress your baby girl or boy has an impact on their confidence. When choosing frocks for your baby girl or suits for your boy, consider the comfort, the body-friendliness of the fabric, and style. Let us discuss what to wear for different occasions.

A job interview

A job interview is always one of the most defining moments in anyone’s life. The interview panel makes the first impression about you from the way you dress, and your interview dress code contributes to your possibility of getting the job. A job interview calls for official wear, of which the most accepted attire is a suit. A suit makes you look presentable, professional, committed, polished, and fit for the job. There are both masculine and feminine suits. If you are a lady, avoid too many accessories. The watch shows you are a timekeeper, and it should suffice well. Going for an interview means you are open to judgment based on how you look, so stick to official wear only.

A wedding

Some weddings have dress code themes, while others do not. The ladies should steer clear of white frocks since the white colour is meant for the bride. However, you can wear one of the colourful gowns you have, be it floor-length or knee-length. For the men, wear a tuxedo for a wedding. If your kids are accompanying you, buy frocks for small girls or suits for little boys as they are suitable for a wedding. Choose the colour depending on the mood you want to add to the occasion. Also, you are free to accessorize as you wish.

Cocktail parties

Cocktail parties are social gatherings where the dress code is almost formal so that you can dress semi-formal. For the ladies, evening frocks carry the day while tuxedo suits for the men are suitable. Dark colours go well with cocktail parties as long as you don’t look inconspicuous. For the ladies, when shopping for cocktail party wear, buy dresses with some frill while keeping it at knee length. That will make you look sexy.

A dinner party

If it’s for a formal dinner party, your dress code should be formal, but if it’s a festive event, dress up to celebrate by adding some glitz and colour. Dinner frocks are for the ladies to complement dinner parties. For the men, an official-casual look is suitable. You can ask your host if they have any specific theme they would like you to adhere to. Do not overdress, or you will offend your host, and do not underdress as you may lose them as your dinner party companion.

A funeral

With a funeral, you usually don’t have much choice. Wear a dark colour, mostly black or navy blue, or forest green. A pantsuit or knee-length dress is suitable for the ladies while a suit is suitable for the men. Add neutral and quiet accessories only.

The bottom line

The dressing is an art that we learn every day, and it is part of how you carry yourself during any given occasion. So chose your outfit wisely.

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