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What does your baby eat?

When you are having your first baby, you might be quite busy with the food scheme of your child. What does it look like monthly and when should I start feeding comprehensive nutrition? In this blog you will be informed about all the ins and outs of the food schedule of your baby!

Feeding schedule

Making a feeding schedule for your baby is a good initiative to ensure good stable nutrition. Of course every baby is different, so this blog will be a general schedule which you can adjust to the needs of your child. Just like us grownups, babies have a bigger appetite on one day than the next. You will notice when your baby has had enough food.

0-3 months

In the first couple of months your baby will only drink milk. This will be breastfeeding or bottle feeding, it could also be a combination of the two. In the first month your baby will need six to eight meals a day.  The amount of milk at every feeding time will be small. After these first months this amount will significantly rise, thereby the feeding times will become less.

4 months

When your baby is at the age of four months, you can start feeding them practise snacks. Begin by slowly giving vegetable- or fruit snacks next to the original menu. By doing this, your little one will get acquainted with new flavours and textures. But make sure your baby is ready for these new snacks. As a parent you will notice if your child is ready.

5-7 months

Your baby is getting used to all the new foods you are giving him. It’s time to take the next step. You can start adding mashed pasta, rice, meat and fish to your baby’s meals. This way, you will expand the food menu. But these snacks still do not replace the milk, they will eat these snacks multiple times a day.

8-11 months

You see your baby growing and growing. In the following months it is time to replace at least one meal a day for comprehensive nutrition. At nine to ten months these meals will expand to two times a day. In the eleventh month this will be even three times! In this month you still add milk to your babies menu.

12 months

Hurray! Your baby is one year old. From the first birthday on you can stop breastfeeding or bottle feeding. Your baby will happily eat together with you. You can offer regular milk to your baby at this point.

Searching for baby formula?

When developing a food schedule for your little one, you also need to think about whether you want to breastfeed or offer bottle feeding. For the last one, you can take a look at HiPP Combiotik Baby Formula. HiPP offers a wide range of infant and hypoallergenic milk.

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