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What Do I Wear To A Music Festival?

Everything that is disallowed and inappropriate everywhere else is what is seems to go well at a music festival. The advantage you have with your rave clothes, is they are often the most comfortable attire that you even went casually at home and add a heap of accessories to give yourself the party get-up and the party, the mood of a music festival. Jeans, shorts, cut-offs, fluffy wraps, chains, chain belts, boots, platforms and all the bizarre that are not appropriate elsewhere is what is appropriate here.

Complementing Ideas

And if this music festival is a rave that draws ravers, you don’t want to seem out of place and want to not just fit in with the right kind of attire, but get heads turning to give you a look of admiration at you imaginative get-up. Well, that is just it shopping around for the party and using your wild imagination to get your ensemble together. For instance your rave clothes like a tiny, mini tutu is a great idea when you are in the spirit of the festival. To complement that would be the great accessories that you love, like around your wrists and forearms you can don the wildest colored Kandi beads bracelets and even neck bands and chockers.

Expand On Ideas And The Look

And if at a themed rave and you are into leathers, there is an explosion of items available, with again high waist shorts, cutoffs, graphic, paint or tees and all this accessorized with unique ideas for braided hair and leather accessories for your hair. Alternatively you might consider chains or even a combination of both. So whether in leathers or denims you are in the kind of attire that you would be comfortable in even at home. As for those that want heads turning and all eyes focused on you, you would think in vibrant wild colors and straps to hold it all together, maybe even chains or leather.

Footwear, can be non-conservative and wild as long as you are comfortable in the kind you choose. For instance if platforms are what you think goes well with the rest of your attire the platforms it is but only if you are comfortable to dance and be in your platforms all night long.  Either way you options for a music festival are huge when you begin to mix and match attire and accessories.

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