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Ultimate Guide of Hair Buying Products

 Everyone needs a proper hair regime. We have tried various shampoos, conditioners, and other products in our hair. Some may have suited us and some may have disappointed us. But do we know why? This is because some ingredients in the products do good to us and some do not. Unknowingly the products we use have a lot of chemicals that we are unaware of. Hence, we must switch to natural hair care products. But we have to be careful while choosing natural products. Hence here are some tips to find the right products for your hair:

1. Know your hair:

Before looking out for hair products, first, you need to know about your hair type because certain products are suitable for only a particular type of hair. Straight, wavy, curly, and coily are the hair types. One must also know about hair porosity i.e. the tendency of the hair to absorb moisture and retain it. The other thing to notice is the level to which our hair is damaged because damaged hair needs care and certain products can rectify it. So, once you have determined your hair type, you can look for products that will compliment your hair.

2. Finding natural shampoo:

While choosing shampoos, it must be kept in mind to look out for harmful ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) and Ammonium Lauryl Sulphate (ALS). These are added to the shampoo to enhance foaming. Shampoos are something that is used consistently, hence they must be very gentle to our hair. Once we know about our hair type, we will know what shampoo to use for our type of hair. The ingredient coffee for hair growth works well to nourish the hair. Nowadays, many shampoo brands in the market are creating and popularizing shampoos that are free of both SLS and ALS. These ingredients are known to take away the natural oils of our hair and this leads to hair breakage. Taking away the natural moisture from the hair typically leads to dryness as well.

3. Finding natural conditioners:

Conditioners are products used on hair to provide moisture and protein. Hence a dry and damaged hair can instantly be treated with a conditioner to give it some life. It is very important that a conditioner must contain protein and it must not contain silicones. Other important ingredients to be kept in mind while selecting a deep, moisturizing conditioner are fatty alcohols, water, and humectants.

4. Finding oils and butter:

The hair needs to be moisturized and that’s the basis of hair care. These can be achieved through the use of butter and oils. These are different from water-based products which are shampoo and conditioner. This tends to seal the moisture in the hair which is essential for the overall health of hair. But one must be very careful while choosing oils and butter because they must be completely organic and cold-pressed, only then can they be considered to be completely organic.

5. Going through the ingredients deliberately:

Sometimes as consumers we fall for some of the marketing tricks. Many hair care brands have attractive labels and it claims to have all sorts of herbs, essential oils, and other magical natural ingredients which can transform our nourishment and lustre. But sadly, a very minimum amount of those essential oils and herbs is added. Moreover, they will be found at the bottom of the ingredient list while other irrelevant and harmful ingredients will be found in the first lines of the ingredients. Hence as consumers, we must be clever to notice all of these. We must also be alert about the water content of the shampoo or conditioner that we buy. Any ingredient list must always start with water, if not then it is a problem. Any natural hair product will have water as its majority ingredient and it will range from 50% to 80%. Another important thing to pay attention to is the first 5 ingredients of the product. In the packaging, the product would have promised certain ingredients, if these ingredients are not found in the first 5 of the ingredient lists, then the product will produce results in our hair as we expected.

6.Educate yourself about the ingredient:

Once you have started to search for a hair product that suits your hair, make sure you know in-depth about the ingredients that are most beneficial to your hair and those ingredients that must be avoided. Educate yourself by asking for expectations, reading about them in blogs and magazines. Checking out videos and enquiring about certain products/magazines to people who have used them. You can also consider a coffee mask for hair loss, it works well.

7.Choose products that go well with the climate you are in:

Sometimes the climate we are in has a lot of influence on the condition of our hair. Hence, according to the changing seasons, one can change the product. The source of the hair problems that we face may be that our hair becomes frizzy because of humidity or may become oily during winter. Hence shampooing becomes very important, oil-based products can be used in less proportion. You can also consider coffee hair mask benefits.



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