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Top 7 Office Wear for Women

Sitting at a desk all day doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style. With the constantly evolving fashion industry, women’s office wear is no more limited to boring outfits. A modern woman’s workwear can also project power and polish. From chic pants to elegant dresses, there are so many options to perk up your workday.

What Should I Wear to Work?

While choosing workwear, adhering to corporate dress codes is a must. And sometimes, choosing an outfit that is comfortable, stylish, and appropriate can be challenging. If you aren’t sure where to start, keep reading our list of top office wear for women.

Top 7 Office Wear for Women

From dresses to corporate wears, we’ve got it all covered. Add these to your work wardrobe to effortlessly get dressed for work every day!

Classic Black Pencil Skirt Dress

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You can’t go wrong with this classic yet stylish dress for work. A sleek black dress is timeless and can certainly make a positive impression at your workplace. Its slender fit is perfect for corporate meetings and presentations. The pencil skirt dress with a square neckline is an ideal work dress for women everywhere.

Work Pants

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A pair of pants is one of the must-haves for a sleek professional look. They not only meet the corporate dress codes for the company you work for, but they make you feel comfortable all day. Sticking to neutral colours like black, grey and navy blue not only gives you a professional look, but it is also easy to pair with any of your work tops. There are many styles of business pants to choose from, including high-waist pants, flare or boot cut leg pants, crop leg, or Capri style. You can also pair it with a beautiful blouse and a pair of high heels or even elegant flats to complete the look and take it from desk to drinks.

Slim Fitting Pencil Skirt Dress with Ruffle Sleeves

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Office wear for women can be classic and simple but still, chic. Achieve this with a slim fitting pencil shirt dress with ruffle sleeves. Few work dresses for women look as elegant as a chiffon ruffle sleeve. You can pick a dress of any colour like lilac-pink or brick red and look elegant and professional at the same time. Buy a dress with a belt around the waist to define and accentuate your shape.


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Let’s talk about jumpsuits. Jumpsuits have become incredibly popular, and they can be worn almost anywhere. A jumpsuit is that perfect office wear for women looking for an edgy twist on workwear. Slip into a stylish jumpsuit and pair it with a well-cut blazer, belt, and a pair of slingback heels, and you get a polished look! In a formal environment, go for neutral colours and avoid strapless, denim, or slouchy jumpsuits.

Dresses with Sleek Lines and Contrasting Panels

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Look sharp and professional with a form-fitting dress that has contrasting panels and a high, round neckline. This is just another way to add a more standout look to the typical pencil skirt dress. A dress like this can come in a variety of colours to flatter anyone. No matter what kind of office setting you work in, you can wear this sleeveless dress all year round by adding a blazer or trench coat in the colder months.

Business Skirts

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The skirt is an essential piece in any woman’s workwear repertoire! An important factor to consider when choosing a skirt for work is the length. Knee-length skirts or skirts that fall right below the knees are considered appropriate in a formal business setting. While choosing a pencil skirt, pick one that is tailored and fitted to flatter your silhouette. If you want a comfortable option, go for an A-line skirt. Choosing a crisp and polished blouse that pairs well with your skirt will elevate your look.

Two-in-One Dresses

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Instead of looking through your closet in the morning and wondering what top goes with what skirt, opt for a classic and form-fitting dress that ticks both boxes. Walk into work with confidence in this stylish, slim dress that will let everyone know you mean business.

Office wear for women doesn’t need to be dull and lifeless. There’s a reason you put aside your favourite work shirt or blazer for that important meeting. Carry yourself with pride in these stylish no-fuss work outfits that you can rotate all year long. It’s time to say goodbye to boring and hello to fabulous!

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