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Tired of Boredom? Here are 5 Interesting Things You Can Do While Quarantined At Home

Self-isolation and quarantines are becoming the new normal with almost a quarter of the world’s population locked in their homes right now. While we all loved it in the first few weeks, this period of quarantine is far from what any of us had imagined. None of us are used to spending endless time at home. Being stuck inside our houses amid the coronavirus outbreak can lead to boredom- a sign that we are not engaged meaningfully in the things we actually should. Worry not! For all those who are dutifully practicing social distancing at home, here is a list of fun activities that can really help in keeping boredom away:

1- Put on your chef hat and cook something for everyone:  Being stuck at home has its own upsides, one being that you are never far from the kitchen. And if you are one who enjoys cooking, this is just the time to head to the kitchen and surprise everyone by cooking some yummy dishes. Prepare delicacies you couldn’t make all this time, thanks to your hectic work schedule. Cooking also has a therapeutic effect on mind (google it if you don’t believe us).

2- Plan a fun movie night at home:  As we are all cooped up inside, there is more time to watch our favourite shows and movies than ever before. Why not make the best of this time by planning a movie night with family at home? Choose a rom-com you all would want to watch together. Prepare a light dinner of finger foods and a few drinks and enjoy a fun movie night with family.

3- Pamper your skin with home remedies:  In my opinion, we should all take this self -isolation period as the perfect opportunity for self care. Prepare some DIY masks and scrubs at home and get back that glow which got lost while being too busy with our hectic schedules. Try honey and saffron; yogurt, lemon and saffron masks at home, apply them generously and see the magic of these wonder ingredients on your skin.

4- Plan a virtual lunch with a special one:  Just because we are social distancing doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy meals with our friends sitting far away. You might be missing your lunch dates with special ones that you had at the best malls in Delhi like Select Citywalk but worry not! Prepare a delicious meal and enjoy it with your best friend via video call. Chit-chat just as you do when you are together. You can also plan to cook the same dish and relish it as you go into long gossip hour.

5- Do Yoga: Sitting at your work from home station for hours can make you feel stiff. Why not invest some time doing yoga? It is not only a great physical activity you can try while at home but can significantly help boost your mood and lower stress during this time. If you don’t know where to start from, join any of the yoga classes that are available online. Roll out your exercise mat and spend some time doing yoga. It will also help you lose those extra calories if you have been snacking too much at home.

Try these activities that will keep you entertained while you stay safe at home during this time.

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