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The Best of Beauty At the Dress in the Wedding

They will say “yes” to the mayor. While waiting for D-Day, you said “yes” to attend their wedding. After the euphoria of the good news comes the inevitable question: how to dress for a wedding? Are there rules to follow, styles to adopt? We share with you our “special guest” dress code.

Dress code for attending a wedding

It’s time to put out the beautiful outfits. Because the only watchword to dress when you are invited to a wedding: have fun with an elegant style, out of the ordinary. We can even dare the ultra refined with a 3-piece suit for men, a strapless dress for women. Yes, all chic is allowed from the moment we do not steal the show from the star couple of day.

Afterwards, there are two schools, depending on the inspiration: wear two outfits (one for the day, one for the evening) or keep the same clothes, from the town hall to the dance floor. Whichever option you prefer, you will just have to make sure you meet certain criteria:

Respect any indications of the invitation. Yes, the bride and groom can have a precise idea of the wedding dress code they want for the guests. And sometimes, it can remove a sacred thorn from the foot.

The colors: We avoid the black which would cause too much mourning during the day, the total white or ivory look which could overshadow the bride, the colors reserved for the boys and girls of honor (ask before.).

The weather: you will often be outside during the day. And it can be cold, even in spring or summer. So bring a little jacket or a nice coat “just in case”. If you fall for a dress or a set with skirt, perhaps think of thin tights (to remove for the evening if you do not change)?

Religious ceremonies: a shawl to cover a pretty neckline or beautiful bare shoulders: so many attentions to be expected in her outfit and which will be appreciated.

Do you have the wedding dress code in mind? From there, our tips to help you find your day and evening look.

Town hall and ceremony: wedding outfits for the day

So there are colors to ban when you have to dress for a wedding, white from head to toe, black too “burial”, colors reserved for guests of honor. Which leaves all the same a lot of choice. Light clothes like beige or pastel, bright colors like coral or red, deep and elegant colors like purple.  Wear navy blue,: that’s a great bet. You need to carry your outfit perfectly and a purse of the same color can be the best option here. You need to consider these. Now you can also write about beauty submit a guest post and get them published.

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