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The Best Essential Caring Items for Your New Born

Collect the latest and compulsory caring items for your baby. Visit the Mothercare store online and check these exclusive caring items as your new one needs great attention to grow in the best way. Read the specifications and order the product before it gets out of the stock. If you are running short of money so no need to worry just download Mothercare code from and use it.

Dr. Brown’s Tooth and Gum Wipes- Pack of 30

It has been prepared by Xylitol which discourages the harmful bacterial and germs that helps in promoting tooth decay. It is fluoride, alcohol and paraben free so it is safe to swallow. It creates a safe and healthy oral environment for emerging teeth. It may help in maintaining a healthy lifetime dental routine. You can wipe off your baby’s gums and teeth after feeding as it avoids bottle mouth. There are many Mothercare code and voucher schemes so search for them and save some money.

Miniland- Thermosense

Up to date this is the most advanced and safest technology for baby care. It is ergonomically designed with contact thermometer which is capable of measuring the temperature by just means of contact with the forehead and ear by using the infrared technology. It also allows measuring the temperature of liquids and objects so you may checkout the temperature of baby bottle, baby food, water in the bath tub, baby rooms etc.  While measuring the fever the LED light present will lights up in red when the temperature exceeds 38°C so parents can make them alert. Its battery saving feature makes it idle when is not used for three minutes. It is an essential caring item which should be with all the parents for the sake of their child’s health. Order it online and do not forget to redeem Mothercare code at the checkout process.

Sudo Cream: One solution for whole family

Sudocrem is a medical formula which relieves many skin complications like; nappy rash, eczema, bad sores and minor burns, it is not only suitable for infants but all members can use it for skin complaints. Basically, it provides a water repellent barrier against the irritants and impurities present at the skin. It is also helpful in soothing irritation and inflammation. Just apply a small amount in circular motions as needed. The product is only for external use. Mothercare code will save you a lot of money so use it if you have it.

Summer Infant- Health and Grooming Kit (Girl)

This health and grooming kit contain 12 must to have items which help in caring for your little one. A plastic case is included to make it ideal for travelling purpose. The package includes medicine syringe and spoon, nasal aspirator, digital thermometer, emergency information card, nail clipper, 2 emery boards, little comb and brush. The emergency information card has some numbers for instant medical help. Get Mothercare code to enjoy some discount in shopping by signing on to

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