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The Best Decorating Tips for Everyone Who Loves to DIY

Once you get your own home, whether it’s an apartment, a condo, or a house, you will want to decorate it with your own style and preference. Of course, it’s the first time you get your very own place. Why wouldn’t you want to decorate it? It won’t truly feel like yours if you don’t put in some ornaments here and there. Decorating your home will show you what kind of person you are. May it be modern, conventional, rustic, or more, you have a say of what your home will look and feel like.

Since the times are changing fast and we want never to be left out, there are new ideas you can apply to your home when it’s time to decorate it. Don’t worry because if you’re trying to save but still achieve the look you want, you can read on below. These are new and updated home decor ideas you can follow to capture your essence!

Consider Putting Up Scented Candles

Scented candles are the type of decorations that you can appreciate by looking at them. And once you light up those wicks, you will love how your home will smell. Luckily for you, there are tons of different brands selling scented candles in different colors and shapes. Of course, all of them smell good with various scents too! For example, the Scented Bubble Candles from Gracie Moon Scents is the ideal candle for all occasions. They are very affordable, too, so you can purchase several and have one ready when your current one runs out.

Choose Neutral & Light for Your Walls

If you want to change the colors of your wall, the best and safest choice will always be neutral and light colors. That’s because you will want to minimize jarring transitions. So the best colors will be grey or beige, which will make it easier for you to decorate since these colors offer flexibility and freedom. Any decors will be perfect as long as these colors are the backdrop of your home. You can move a shade up or down for variation if you’re considering having different colors for every room.

Open Up the Windows in Your Kitchen

When it’s time to decorate your kitchen, it’s best to let the sunshine come in for more natural light. You should choose drapes that will not make your kitchen look dark, so opt for sheer curtains with full-length panels. If you see that the sun is shining in your kitchen, choose light colors that won’t fade over time. Choose suitable fabrics for your curtain, such as cotton, linen, and silk blends. Finally, make sure that your kitchen has the sun shining in all the time to make it feel and look homier.

Layering the Lighting

In the modern world, every modern home has three layers of lighting. The first one is ambient, which provides overall illumination. Next, the task is what you find over a reading nook or a kitchen island. Finally, the accent is the third lighting, ideal for more decorative and highlighting of an artwork. Use uplights for visual tricks, making a room appear bigger since they can cast a glow on the ceiling. Remember, it’s all about playing with the lights to get the appearance that you want. The uplights are perfect for the main rooms in your house.

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