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Most people who wander into a pipe shop tend to take quite some time to choose a pipe they like because multiple factors come with picking and buying the pipe that works right for you. It becomes even tedious if you are selecting a pipe to gift it to somebody. That means there are certain factors you will need to consider that should ease the process of buying the smoke pipe.

Factors you should consider when buying the pipe include:

  • Construction of the pipe

The idea of pipe smoking is to find pleasure. Whether it is cleaning, lighting, or a perfect design, you want a smoke pipe that does not have flaws or shoddily made. You do not want a pipe that will frustrate you. Avoid pipes with poorly aligned parts since they will restrict a smooth airway in the smoke stream, and eventually, the pipe will smoke wet and loudly.

Stay away from pipes that have pits filled with putty. These fills may not age well with time, causing a mottled look of the pipe. Avoid stems that have metal filters and also evade pipes with a varnish finish. The varnish finish, if not placed well, may end up bubbling or flaking.

It is good to look out for pipes with the uniform grain. Purchase a smoke pipe that is light in weight because it is more comfortable to hold with your mouth. Pick a pipe with a good fitting of parts and a finish that looks good even without the wax. Finally, ensure that the draft hole aligns with the stem’s smoke stream and is close to the bowl’s center.

  • Design

Ensure that the smoke pipe fits your style. The maker might not matter much as long as you do not enjoy the pipe’s feel and look. Take your time to look at several pipes and different selections. Once you get one that lures you a little more, then go ahead and begin to examine it as you enjoy its design. There is no need to buy a pipe that will tire you out eventually; that is why a style that suits your personality is the best.

  • Affordability

Buy the best smoke pipe that you can afford. Pipes have a wide range of prices, and for every price category, there is a quality pipe just for you. Endeavor to get value for your cash, and you could even take advantage of a store that has smoking pipes for sale. Note that there does not exist expensive or cheap pipes. All pipes are suitable based on the construction and the design of the pipe.

A pipe could be expensive but have so many flaws that it makes it a loss for you. On the other hand, a smoke pipe can have a lower price but very useful. Being money conscious is not a problem since you can be sure to get the right smoking pipe.

With these factors in mind, it should be easy to choose a pipe that works for you and eventually enjoy the experience that comes with smoking a pipe.

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