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Say Hello to the Watch of Tomorrow – Timex Teslar Watches

From smart phones and tablets to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, the fast pace of our modern lives is fuelled by technology. We’re constantly surrounded by different forms of technology and depend on it to get through our daily chores. Despite making the world more connected than ever, technology also brings with it the downsides of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. In laymen terms, technology has a negative impact on our psyche and bodies in the form of anxiety, lack of sleep, dizziness and stress among others.

The Timex Group has collaborated with Teslar ® Swiss Made to create the ideal solution – The Timex Teslar. Aptly positioned as “Not a Watch”, this technologically advanced masterpiece does so much more than a regular timepiece. It is specially designed to reduce the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation and restore bodily balance.

The Timex Teslar features an ELF Nanotech chip made in the USA using quantum technology. It works in sync with the battery and Swiss Made Quartz Movement.

The blend of these 3 elements creates a Natural Earth Signal that is linked to creativity and calmness. What makes this technology truly special is that the measurable electric field in the battery of the watch along with the magnetic field of the coil together creates a zero-point waveform (7-9Hz), which is the same as the Earth’s Natural Frequency. Once worn, the waves are transmitted into the body’s energy system and can potentially reduce stress and anxiety by a substantial amount.

Apart from technical benefits, the Teslar Collection is also designed to be an immediate attention grabber and eye-pleaser. The primary collection called Re-Balance is perfectly named as per its purpose – it helps bring balance back to the body. The hour, minute and chronograph are separated using three stylish lines and every feature of the watch is equipped with advanced nanotechnology. The watch is also impressively water-resistant up to 50m and boasts a quick change spring bar.

The World Health Organization estimates that almost 30% of people living in industrial economies suffer from ill-effects of Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Your journey to restoring balance to your body starts with a Timex Teslar watch- the ideal blend of Swiss Made precision and world-renowned American technology. The goal is to ultimately protect modern men and women from the potential dangers of everyday technology. As our lives continue to revolve around different forms of technology, the Timex Teslar is a step in the right direction – towards wholesome wellbeing and heightened awareness about our bodies.

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