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Pro Hair Tips for Every Hair Type

The long months of winter make the hair dull and lifeless, and it matters not what kind of hair you have, winter takes its toll on all. From thin to curly, dry to oily, all hair types need protection during the winter and care in the sunny summer months. To help you care well for your locks, we have brought to you 8 tips that pros assure will make your hair quality better in no time. The care tips below apply to all hair kinds. So, start taking better care of your locks from today.

Wash Your Hair with Tepid Warm Water

Experts have debated at length over the ideal water temperature for hair. Some say a cold wash is the best, while other favor semi-warm. In the end, lukewarmth wins the argument. Today, it is one of the most universally known tips. For all kinds of hair, lukewarm water is the best thing to use. It is neither a shock in cold days, nor too drying. In fact, it is extremely relaxing.

Pick the Correct Conditioner

Whatever your hair type is, you need the best biotin conditioner to nourish it with. These conditioners untangle knotty hair, soften curls, hydrates dry hair and gives fine hair the required boost. There are tons of biotin-based conditioners in the market. They are categorized on the basis of hair types. Grab the one that is made for your hair and use it every time you wash your hair.

Use Shampoo on the Hair, but Do Not Leave out the Scalp

When you are using a natural biotin shampoo, the focus shouldn’t be on the length of the hair alone. The scalp should also be paid attention to. Apply the shampoo along the length of the hair and rub it gently between your palms to clean the strands. Then take a little shampoo on your finger tips and massage it gently on the scalp to clean the dirt buildup between the roots.

Be Sure to Rinse Your Hair Thoroughly

Whether you are using a chemical shampoo or an all-natural one, you need to make sure that all the product is rinsed out of your hair. Product residue can sterilize hair follicles and cause scalp problems.

Air Dry Your Hair

Avoid blow drying your hair too often. Air dry it whenever you can to keep it from heat exposure.

Lock in the Style with a Natural Hair Spray

After you have styled your locks, be sure to lock it in with a hair spray. A biotin hair spray works both ways to set the style and protect the hair.

Exfoliate the Scalp Periodically

Your scalp like your skin needs exfoliating too. Use a gentle exfoliating shampoo to clean out the residue from the dry shampoo, styling products and other things you put in your hair.

Sleep on a Pillow with a Silk Case

Split ends are likely to show up if you sleep on a rough pillow. Switch to a soft silk pillow case to keep your tresses healthy and shinning.

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