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Perfect Prom Picks: Your Guide to the Prom Fashion Trends of 2020

If you are going to prom in 2020, one of the most important steps you can take is getting in touch with all the modern fashion trends. Prom is one of the most important events in the life of any young adult and being in the know when it comes to current trends will lead to a great time on prom night. With the perfect dress in hand, you’ll be well-prepared to maximize your fun on this special night. For example, dressmakers such as Camille La Vie offer stunning prom dresses that accentuate these trends. To learn more about the current prom fashion wave, read this guide to the best and fastest rising prom trends of 2020.

Styles by Dress Type

If you are wondering which dress you should consider wearing to prom, then look no further. These are the most popular types of dresses that people across the country are flocking to this prom season.

Classic Gown

While much enthusiasm surrounds modern and new trends, we are seeing a resurgence in classic gowns. These gowns have a classical style, but many of the new classic gowns contain a touch of modernism that makes them the perfect choice for anyone who wants the best of both worlds.

Modern Gown

Times are changing, and so are prom dresses. There are so many styles of modern gowns out there that you can easily become overwhelmed. Modern gowns are hot right now and provide you with an asset that is on the cutting edge of innovation and style.

Distinguished Two-Pieces

Another very popular and rising trend in prom dresses is unique and distinguished two-piece dresses. Two-piece dresses give you an appearance that stands out more and definitely separate you from the crowd. If you’re looking to be unique on your prom night, this dress is a great option.

Illusion Gowns

Gowns and dresses for prom are becoming more complicated and stunning by the day. One of the latest trends in prom fashion is illusion gowns. These gowns contain many complicated and distracting elements such as lace, sequin, and reflective material.

High-Low Gowns

High-low gowns are another very classic design, but they are quickly making a comeback as more and more people rediscover how stunning you can look in these types of dresses.

Classic Sequins

While you might think of sequins as a classic element, they are now being used in more modern and innovative ways. Dresses with sequins are one of the hottest styles for this prom season.

Finding Your Perfect Dress

If you are trying to find the perfect dress for your prom night, it is important to remember that the dress you end up wearing should be perfect for YOU. That means that if you like the way a style looks and feels on you, then that is really the only thing that matters.

While there are many styles out there that are quickly becoming more popular, the truly best way to find the right prom dress for you is to stay true to your style and personality and choose a dress that you will love on prom night.

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