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Modern T-shirt: How to Choose the Right One?

More and more guys are following fashion trends, trying to acquire things that are relevant in this season. Sometimes their excessive love of shopping can surprise even beautiful ladies. However, a young man in stylish jeans and a modern T-shirt is able to strike down any young lady on the spot.

Modern T-shirt: how to choose the right one?

It is difficult to imagine a men’s wardrobe without a couple of best men’s t shirts and men’s retro tank tops. It can be loose or close-fitting. Some guys, if the dress code allows, are happy to wear such things to work. The main thing is to choose the appropriate colour and pattern.

For everyday wear on the colour scheme of any restrictions, it all depends solely on personal preferences. The most popular shades of men’s retro tank tops are black, blue and white. For several seasons, juicy and rich colours (purple, lilac, etc.) remain at the height of fashion. To give your look individuality and not get lost in the crowd, purchase products with an original print or applique.

Choosing a fabric

For sewing best men’s t shirts, the following fabrics are most often used:

  • Cotton: Natural fabric, does not cause allergies and stretches well;
  • Viscose: Allows the body to “breathe”, has a high degree of elasticity. T-shirts made of this material are preferred by athletic men with a good figure, as they emphasize the pumped-up muscles;
  • Polyester: Most often used to create sports-type T-shirts. They keep their shape well, withstand numerous washes;
  • mixed composition: The most popular option for sewing T-shirts. Cotton and synthetics are used at the same time.

Designers offer men a wide range of T-shirts, so it’s easy to find a product to your taste.

Popular models

Among the variety of products, there are several models that are in greatest demand among guys:

  1. With a V -neck: Looks good on tight-fitting T-shirts;
  2. With a hood: Looks great in “company” with a V- shaped sweater. Cotton products are suitable for summer holidays, combine well with linen trousers or shorts;
  3. With an open collar: Traditional polo shirts have entered the sports world. Available in a variety of colours;
  4. With print: What designers have not drawn on best men’s T-shirts, choose any pattern that you like.

Online stores offer inexpensive t-shirts

Previously, T-shirts were used only by representatives of the stronger sex as underwear. Now this wardrobe item is more popular than ever. There are several of the most popular types of T-shirts:

  • Plain: This thing must be in every wardrobe. It will fit perfectly into any look. Buy a model made of cotton, it favourably emphasizes the figure, but at the same time it will not fit it too tightly;
  • With pattern: It all depends on the imagination of the designers. In the new season, the most popular are polka dots, stripes and interesting inscriptions;
  • With print: When choosing this product, remember your wardrobe and imagine what you will wear with such a thing. It is problematic to choose a “company” for such a T-shirt;
  • Monochrome: Black and white will never go out of trend. They go well with a strict, office style.

Before ordering best men’s T-shirts, decide on the type of neckline and length. V- neckline accentuates the chest and visually makes the figure slimmer. An elongated T-shirt is most often worn like a tunic. It goes well with short shorts, you can tie it with a bow on one side.

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