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Maintaining the safety of your baby gate – What are the few steps you can take?

When your baby is grown up enough to start exploring the world by himself, the first thing that you need to do is to set up baby dates all over the house to keep your kiddo safe from tripping and falling over. But did you know that your effort to boost the safety of your kid can also have a totally opposite impact? As per a study done by Nationwide Children’s Hospital, it was surprisingly found out that more than 1800 kids end up in an emergency room every room due to injuries related to baby gates? They either suffer from traumatic brain injuries or sprains.

Does that mean you should surrender on buying baby gates? No! They are extremely safe devices that are used by caregivers and parents to take care of their kids. You, being a parent, have to just ensure that the baby gate meets the safety standards of your home. Here’s how you can ensure safety.

#1: The trick is into getting the perfect gate for your kid

One of the most common areas chosen by parents to install these baby gates is the top of the stairs. But do you think this could be a safe place to set up a gate that’s mounted by pressure and that your kid could suddenly push with a jolt? The bar that you find beneath the gates also leads to tripping over for the parents and this too leads to severe injuries. Hence experts suggest you to install hardware mounted baby gates which might be difficult to assemble, but they’re safer for your tots.

#2: Frame it in the right way

There are many manufacturers who make baby playpens Australia and who offer plastic plugs to secure the baby gate to the drywall. However, there are several experts who feel that these are also not strong enough. They think that the best way to ensure safety is by screwing the gate within solid wood without using any kind of plugs.

#3: Don’t do anything that’s not included in the instructions

You may think that it is an easy task to install baby gates but when you think of doing so, you should read the manual. Even though you may choose a location that is at the top of the stairs, you should have at least 6 inches of space so that the kids are not able to push them towards the stairs or slip from beneath it. Don’t commit any installation mistakes which make the gate useless.

#4: Always have a professional at hand

If you consider child-safety pros, they can set up a baby gate anywhere they want to, even on steel and glass railings. But that doesn’t mean that a layman can also do the same. Since your kid’s safety is of prime importance to you, you should always be in touch with a professional.

Baby gates are soon becoming the most popular devices in the homes of babies at their growing stage. Consider the tips listed above to ensure safety for your tot.

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