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Jeans, Pants or Shorts for Men-Test and Advice

Pants, jeans, Bermuda shorts or Shorts– These essentials of the male wardrobe play an important role in enhancing the silhouette.

Also, fashion police recommends that you do not buy them lightly. Asking yourself a few questions will help you avoid disappointment later. Is this trendy cut really ideal for my body type?

Does the quality seem to be there? Are the finishes impeccable? Here I give you some tips to help you better choose these different types of men’s socks.

The main models of men’s pants

Classic pants: ideal for formal occasions, they can also give character to your outfit when worn without a jacket.

Choose it well for your size: adjusted, but not too much. The quality of the material is an absolute priority here. Too low-end fabric is sure to ruin all your effort to look stylish with these tailored pants.

The Chino: it is perfect in all circumstances! At the office, it will be less casual than jeans. In moments of relaxation, it turns out to be ultra-comfortable while remaining chic. Choose versatile colours to wear it on a daily basis and assemble it without fuss with all the parts of your wardrobe. And every now and then, go for an original shade paired with a neutral top.

The cargo ship: formerly reserved for trekking in the forest, these mesh pants are now a classic in the stylish man’s outfit. Characterized by its patch pockets on the side of the thighs, it will be chic with a fitted blazer. However, pay attention to details: for example, avoid bags that are too puffy in case of developed quadriceps.

Jeans, the must-have of the men’s wardrobe

Choosing jeans is a very important step for your look! Raw, faded, worn, buttoned, zipped… this legendary garment is so versatile that it is difficult to describe it in just a few lines.

When trying on, keep a critical mind to determine the best fit for your figure. No loose (wide) if your legs are rather short. Avoid the skinny (tight) shape in case of curves. The slim (fitted) and the regular (straight) are the options that go to the greatest number.

Nothing is more beautiful than jeans made in a beautiful denim canvas (and why not in selvedge denim?), And equipped with finishes worthy of the name. Have you ever tried wearing skinny jeans?

Bermuda shorts and shorts for men

With the arrival of the beautiful days, do not hesitate to adopt outdoor casual bottoms! Some do not differentiate between shorts and Bermuda shorts. There is, however, one: the length.

Bermuda shorts go down to above the knee. And especially not lower so as not to break the silhouette. When it comes to colours, you are spoiled for choice: it’s summer, you might as well let go! Cut from a fabric with good hold, Bermuda shorts can give a very classy British touch.

men’s casual shorts, meanwhile, are significantly shorter and stop at mid-thigh. Its style is not suitable for everyday use outside of leisure. Keep it for your sports activities and for the holidays: it will make an excellent swimsuit.

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