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Fur was an expensive item in the Victorian Era, but not today

Look back upon history, and you can be shocked at the kind of items that were once deemed an expensive luxury. Indeed, once upon a time day-to-day essential items of the world, such as spices, tea, and sugar, were seen as major luxuries. Only the elite could afford these kinds of luxuries, which had a natural impact on the price of such items. Another fine example of this would be fur clothing.

While today fur is a form of easily affordable clothing thanks to the works of companies like Aria Mode, this was not always the case. Go back into even the early 1900s and you would find that fur was a very expensive luxury – for some, too expensive. However, go back even a short period further into the Victorian era and you find some rather eye-catching prices regarding fur. But why?

Why was fur so expensive in the Victorian Era?

The times were different, with factors like mass production not really something that was managed to the same standard. This meant that every piece of fur clothing created was an effort for the developer. It was a massive undertaking on their part, forcing them to work ever-harder to come up with clothing that perfectly suited the needs of their audience.

However, the rise of the fashion industry meant that fur was becoming a deeply popular look in the Victorian times. The rise in demand had meant that fashion industry factories were forming all the time. The development of highly expensive and luxurious furs was a common scene, and fur farms began to spring up to meet demand in the 1870s.

Much like the rest of the world at this time, there was a huge demand for luxury products as people began to be uplifted from the ‘haves’ and ’have-not’s into a fairer society. Fur coats were typically lined with fur on the interior and would also often have fur at the collar, the wrists, and the hems. Luxurious furs began to become increasingly popular, though, as culture began to shine a light on its importance to celebrities.

The modernisation of fur

However, since the turn of the century and moving into the 1900s, we started to see fur become increasingly more affordable for the average person. The use of luxurious fur items in the celebrity cultures of music, movies and modelling meant that many people would pay close attention to fur as a fashion statement.

Today, the industry is one of the largest in the fashion industry as a whole. The rise of fur styles and animals used has helped to create a really interesting and diverse industry, padded out with many interesting features and observations. This has helped to make fur more available and more affordable, helping to convince people from all across the world that fur is now a clothing format for everyone.

Once as seen for the few, today you can buy fur at affordable prices online and offline. Imagine telling someone from the Victorian era just how widespread the use of fur is – they would never believe you!

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