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Art is not a luxury, but a necessity.

For Visual Artists and Graphic Designers: Understand the Rudiments of Design to Become a Successful Composer

As an artist or graphic designer, understanding the fundamental aspects of design is the basis of being a great composer. To create the best artwork or images, you must understand space, shape, color, value, line, texture, etc. The best artists use these aspects to create images that convey moods and bring different feelings. However, being the best in understanding these elements takes work. You need to learn why a specific image feels different from another and how these aspects affect your work. You can learn and incorporate these aspects into your creativity from Fantasy Room, an online art school where you can grow your creativity. The following are the rudiments of art design you need to mesh in your work to be a successful composer.


Line is all about how two points connect. Whether diagonal, vertical or horizontal, the lines you create help create direction. You can use different lines in your composition instead of straight lines.


You need to understand color to bring a specific mood to your work. The colors you use in your composition help describe a subject and portray mood, depth, light, and perception. So, learn how to combine, mix and manipulate colors to create themes. You can use the popular color wheel for this.


Another essential thing you must learn is space usage. You are responsible for directing the viewers to what you want them to see. Therefore, you need proper spacing to make it easy for viewers to look at your composition and understand it. Learn about white and positive space and how to use them in your design. Space helps draw attention to the focal point of your composition. Therefore, learn how to create distance between and around subjects to draw the eyes of the viewers to the focal points.


Texture is another fundamental aspect of art that represents the appearance and feel of an object. Physical texture can be rough, ribbed, or smooth, and you can create the same with visual texture based on how you want to express the subject. Texture gives your subject a sense of touch and implies how the subject would feel if you touched it.


As an artist, you must know how well you can represent an idea, concept, or object using shapes. It is one of the most important artistic tools you can own and is fundamental to representing subjects. Even though shapes are two-dimensional, artists include color, line, and value to give subjects three-dimensional shapes. Test your abilities in an online art school to explore your creativity and learn how to utilize shapes.


In artwork, value means the brightness or darkness of the color you use. You use a gradient to measure the value of the color that helps create volume and an impression of mass in work. In short, value determines how light or dark the color you use appears.


It can be a good idea to take an online art course to learn how well you can use these elements in your work. You know how to implement them to make the best compositions.

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