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Everything you need to know about white gold

The jewelry industry is growing bigger and bigger every day. There are so many kinds of precious stones, metals, and designs available that one is spoiled for choice. To make sure that you are making the right investment and buying the perfect piece of jewelry in the latest designs and trends, one needs to be constantly updated.

Many people are aware of the different precious metals used in jewelry making such as gold, silver, and platinum. Another very popular choice of metal for jewelry at the moment is white gold. There are a host of exquisite jewelry pieces and white gold earrings for girls available in stunning designs in the market. However, not many people know the details about white gold. Let us tell you what is white gold and take an in-depth look at its properties in jewelry.

What is white gold?

White gold is an alloy of gold. It is made up by mixing pure yellow gold with alloy metals that have silver-white colors, such as silver or platinum.

Why is it mixed with alloy metals?

Pure gold in itself is a very soft metal. In all gold jewelry, pure gold requires to be mixed with harder alloy metals. This adds durability and strength to the metal. Without mixing it with harder alloy metals, pure gold would not be rigid and would easily bend out of shape. Such mixing happens in all gold jewelry whether it is yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold. In white gold, silvery-colored alloys are additionally used to create the desired white color.

Why is it coated in rhodium?

Rhodium is a precious metal and comes from the same metal family that platinum belongs to. To form white gold, other than mixing alloys with pure gold, an additional coating of rhodium is done in white gold jewelry. This adds further durability and strength and a lustrous white surface sheen to the jewelry.

Is white gold real gold?

Yes. Despite containing alloy metals, white gold is made from real, pure gold. One can verify the real gold content of their white gold jewelry by looking at its hallmark.

What are the advantages of white gold?

Advantages of white gold include:

  • It is a beautiful and precious metal with the same appearance as silver and platinum but is more affordable and much more hard-wearing.
  • It is a great choice if you prefer a silvery, white appearance over yellow.
  • The color and durability of white gold make it ideal for all gemstones. It goes beautifully with all outfits.

What are the disadvantages of white gold?

Disadvantages of white gold include:

  • As the metal is made by mixing alloys and is coated with rhodium, with time, the color of the metal may start wearing out or becoming yellow. In such cases, it may require recoating to maintain its color.
  • Over time, this recoating adds some additional cost to the overall cost of the jewelry.

Is white gold a good option for jewelry?

Using white gold as an option for jewelry can be a personal choice completely. However, the metal is known to make splendid jewelry pieces.

White gold is a remarkable choice if you love classic and neutral tones in jewelry and are looking for a look like that of platinum or silver. It is more durable and valuable than silver and is less expensive than platinum.

Over the past few decades, white gold has found immense popularity over the classic yellow gold. Owing to its versatile and contemporary look, and its exceptional value, white gold rings for girls is extremely popular. It is the most chosen metal for engagement rings.

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