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Different Types Of Cross Tattoos You Can Choose

Religion and art go hand-in-hand. They have an immense influence on each other. A majority of religious depictions are being made through paintings. Similarly, several paintings have religious aspects highlighted in them. Body tattoos have also included several religious aspects. One such important inclusion that has found a place in several tattoos is the holy cross.

People love to have the holy cross on their bodies. They associate with different aspects of life and depict it through their tattoos. There are different kinds of holy crosses that people use in their tattoos. Some of them are the Maltese cross, Celtic cross, Ankh cross, etc. If you also want to have a cross-based tattoo, you can look at some of the famous tattoos with a cross on it. Let us discuss some of them.

Gothic cross tattoos near your ribs

Most people love to have this tattoo around the right side ribs. It covers around half of the abdominal region. It is a huge tattoo since it covers a big region. It has pointed edges and finely inked borders surrounding the frame. Moreover, there are interlocking chains in the center of every arm of the cross. This tattoo is famous amongst people who love to show their cross when they take off their shirts.

Blue and black cross tattoo

This cross tattoo uses the blue and black color in the best way to add to the beauty. It has an H centered in the middle. The edges are delicate, mostly rounded with some pointed. People love to have this tattoo right in the center of their back along the vertebra. Some even extend the top arm to the base of the neck. If you have strong religious beliefs, you can have this cross on your back.

Red heart, rose, wing cross tattoo

This tattoo is carefully designed for the arms. People love to have their entire arm covered in this tattoo. It consists of a red heart right at the middle of the cross. The base of the cross is designed with the rose. The cross also has two wings on both sides, lying behind the two arms of the cross. Other than the red rose, people prefer to keep the rest of the tattoo in black and white. Such an approach enhances the contrast of the tattoo.

Celtic Wing cross tattoo

The cross used in this tattoo resembles the Celtic culture. It is a thick cross with bold edges. There is a patterned circle surrounding the diamond frame located at the center of the tattoo. It also has two wings on both sides. If you want to have a tattoo covering your entire back, this tattoo is the right choice for you.

Cross tattoos have always been one of the most sought for body tattoos by believers. They love to have it on any body parts that they can show others. They regard such tattoos with great sanctity. If you want to show your love and faith towards God through your tattoos, search for famous tattoos with a cross on it.


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