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Custom Beer Koozies: Design Tips and Buying Guide

If a person is on the hunt for what to purchase as a wedding favor or maybe a company is setting up displays at trade shows, and they are in need of some self-confidence or swag – whatever the instance, people cannot go wrong with customized koozies. This article will guide individuals and give them the design tips and tricks they need for their koozies to look very good. Let us get going.

Why do people need personalized drink sleeves?

Nothing says gathering or party like a personalized drink sleeve. These little holders make excellent freebies or gifts for different situations like:

Stadiums and sports leagues

Whether you are in a baseball beer league or for your food concession stand, you cannot go wrong with a customized drink sleeve or holder. People can choose in their team colors or go with an attractive jersey-shaped option instead.

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Wedding attendees will not be able to resist cool and elegant koozies. Couples can print them with their monogram, as well as leave these things at the bar for people to grab while getting their favorite drinks.

Bars and restaurants

Do business owners want more clients or customers to purchase and consume their drink specials at their bar or restaurant? They can offer promo drink holders with every alcohol purchased.

Marinas and lake

Nothing is better than days on bodies of water. Gift shops are most probably full of flip flops and beach towels, but visitors will also love memento drink covers.

Golf tournaments

Individuals who play this game know there can be tons of downtime. People will cherish sipping on their favorite drink inside of a koozie while they are waiting for their turn. These things are excellent for any event or industry, not limited to the ones listed above. All it takes is a good and attrative design to take these things to the next level.

Decide on the material and style



Look for square-shaped and squat designs if you want them to fit on bottled or canned beverages. These things usually wrap around twelve ounces cans or bottles like the ones used by beer or cola companies.

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Bottled beverages can be anywhere from six to twenty-two ounces depending on the product brand. Narrow and long holders will fit perfectly and snuggly, keeping beverages inside cold and nice.


People can pop the bottle or can and enjoy their ice-cold beer. It will be a lot easier to keep suds chilly if they fit insulated beer cover around every bottle or can. Hand these holders out at picnics, barbeques, or tailgates.


Wine at room temperature is okay, but it is even better when it is chilled. Wrap bottles up in wine covers, and you will always get that cool sip. These things are excellent for weddings, banquets, and galas.


People need to avoid burning their hands on their favorite latte or coffee with sleeve-shaped covers. They wrap in the middle and cut down wastes created by cardboard covers. People can sell them in their coffee shop to their regular customers.


Think of it as a little jacket for the beverages. There is a piece of Velcro or a gap in the middle. It allows these things to fit any sized bottle or can.


Red Bull, Truly, and White Claw are some brands that takes part in tall slim can trends. Fit these beverages with skinny wraps.

Choose good color schemes and patterns

From zoos to bowling alleys, there are a lot of companies in the market today that love using these things as promo items. Custom beer koozies need to stand out. It starts with unique and eye-catching patterns or color schemes.

Print something catchy and unforgettable on the front

Now that individuals know which style they prefer, they need to figure out what to print on the front. They can either use the screen printing method with one free ink or full-color printing, allowing individuals to use unlimited colors without additional costs.

Why should you personalize koozies?

With new beverages coming out almost every year, customized sleeves will always be an excellent gift. They are associated with fun events and good vibes like outdoor concerts, vacations, picnics, barbeques, weddings, and birthdays.

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