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Common Accessories for Eye Make-up

Overall face makeup is important but it is the eye that really stands out with the right makeup. Applying eye makeup can require quite a few accessories which range from eye liners, shadows and mascara. To give your eyes the well made up look, you need to invest not only in the basic products but the accessories as well. If you do not have the proper accessories you will not be able to apply the makeup products in the most efficient manner. Here is a list of the most essential makeup accessories used by Makeup Artist for your eyes.

The all important brushes

Of course, you get brushes along with the eye makeup products but those tend to wear out fast. What you need to do is to invest in some good quality brushes, which will not only be durable but safer for your eyes as well. Purchase some smaller and smoother brushes in different shapes for the eye shadows and blending purposes. For the eyelid primer, you can opt for a wedge sponge rather than the traditional brush. You need a smudge brush for mid tones, flat brush for deeper shades and for light shades you require a blender brush. Use good quality brushes which will make your eyes look radiantly beautiful.

The eyelash curler

Whether you generally curl your lashes or not, you still need to invest in a good curler for emergency purpose. When you use a good eyelash curler, your lashes will have the natural upswept look which can make your more attractive. The eyelash curler may look like a difficult contraption but it is quite easy to use. You just need to curl your lashes before applying the mascara otherwise you will have sticky and smudgy lashes instead.

The eye pencil sharpener

Pencil shadows and eyeliners can become dull over a period of use and you may not get good result using these blunt pencils. Therefore, get a nice sharpener which can give your pencils a fresh and crisp point on each application. You can get another one with a more rounded point for trying out different shapes for different products.

The magic mirror

Trying to apply eye makeup often entails leaning over the table to get a good view which is quite a task. Why not invest in a good magnified makeup mirror which comes with different lenses, enabling you to have a better view of your eyes as you apply makeup. These mirrors can be closed up and kept aside or conveniently stashed into your purse. You will be able to detect any little flaw which is not possible in a mirror where you have to lean in.

The Q tips

For all those little smudges and slipups, there is nothing like these little disposable cotton swabs to correct it. These little cotton swabs can really get all those little details in order and can even be used as a blender.

The all important remover

To have a smooth looking makeup every time, you need to invest in a really good makeup remover which is gentle on the skin around the eyes. The little remnants of oils and benders can build up over a period of time and affect your skin. Therefore, use mild and professional make up remover such as the chamomile eye makeup remover.

It can gently dissolve eye makeup while conditioning your lashes as well. You can also use oil free makeup removal pads along with the remover. These pads come in organic blend of cucumber, green tea and aloe Vera which are all nourishing for your eye and lashes. They are also good for the skin around your eyes. These organic removal pads are great for waterproof mascara and contact lens wearers.

The beauty case

To store your endless varieties of makeup accessories, you need to invest in a good makeup case. Your accessories will be easier to locate and you can even carry it around with you. These cases are available in different shapes, sizes and colors which are fun and convenient.

Once you have all these accessories, you will not need to rush around in a mad flurry every time you need to doll up. Besides, applying eye makeup becomes more interesting with all these essential accessories in order or call a Makeup Artist in Mumbai.

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