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Choosing flowers for Valentine’s Day

Ever seen a Valentine’s Day without flowers? That’s because it just doesn’t exist! Valentine means flowers, and the many you use and the wider the variety, the better it becomes. From a single rose to that extravagant rose hat box arrangement, there are plenty of colors, designs, and styles to choose from.

But how do you choose flowers for Valentine’s Day?

You may think flowers are just another cliché’ for Valentine’s Day, but there are hundreds of varieties. However, the most popular ones are red, pink and white. Every shade has a meaning where white represents purity, pink sweetness, and red for lovers. If you want to do something spectacular, then a mix of all will work correctly- it’s a symbol of unity.

For more colorful options, get orange for desire and yellow for friendship.

When choosing your flowers, select ones with the longest stem; it’s a show of quality, which lasts longer than others.

For the younger generation, a shorter stem is trendy, especially if you team it with foliage. Add to your simple bouquet a vase into the mix.  For a traditional look, use elaborate vases or short-glass cubes for a low-profile look. You can click here for web site.


Of all the flowers, the most prevalent is the tulip. It’s renowned for its bulb head and curving leaves. The best arrangement for tulip on a Valentine’s Day is white, red, and pink. Tulips grow long after they’ve been cut, and that’s a unique quality that has made it a favorite for many. You only need to have them placed where there is enough sunlight. A bouquet of bright tulips is an excellent option for your friend’s valentine.

When buying tulip for valentine, don’t go for a few stems-they’ll look lonely in a vase, and several will give you a dull look. A bouquet of like ten or so is a good number.


If you prefer something that has a tropical style, lily is the best option for you. Is your girl a fashionista? Then get an idea, and they’ll love it. Lily’s are known to be the superstars of the Valentine’s Day. If you intend to mix the arrangement, you can team the lilies with red roses.


If you’re a fan of flowers, then you know carnation. It’s a popular choice when you want to give a bouquet as a gift. It boasts a delicate look yet a sweet and durable appeal with a clove-like fragrance. This is celebrated as a flower of love and a symbol of interest and excellence. Carnation flowers come in a range of shades and popularly peach and pink. Don’t be surprised when you get some yellows, purples, and bright reds. If you want a Valentine’s Day look, go for a pink, red and white flower arrangement. Of all valentines’ flowers, carnations are the most versatile and can be teamed with various others, including roses and daisies.

Flowers for men

Valentine’s Day  is arguably a women’s day, and every woman expects to get a flower from their loved one. It’s a show of love, respect, and gratitude. Again, men also receive flowers and if you want to treat them to a good day, look for bolder shapes and bolder hues.

When choosing flowers, you must get an online florist here who has variety and experience in Valentine’s Day  blooms. Your priority should always be the quality of the flower and the taste of the person you want to surprise.

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