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Chiffon Blouse that brings Summer

The chiffon shirt is an absolute benchmark of elegance and femininity. It is the very image of the distinguished clothing of high society. This does not prevent it from being found today mixed with all styles and all trends.

This year, it has inspired a lot of designers, who have made it a summer item during the Spring-Summer fashion shows. Games of transparency and fluidity, lingerie inspiration for Dolce & Gabanna or Giambattista Valli; boho chic trend at Celine, retro and sensual aesthetic at Saint-Laurent… There is material!

So much so that stylists have chosen to make it, too, a nugget of your summer wardrobe. Here is why experts like the muslin shirt or short sleeve blouse so much …

They are light and elegant pieces

The transparency of the muslin makes it a feminine shirt par excellence. This vaporous side immediately evokes the white veils and the airy drapes of the romantic era.

The delicacy of the fabric also gives it flexibility. Chiffon tends to flutter, it brings natural movement to your figure.

By choosing a shirt in white muslin or in ecru tones, you are opting for a delicate look. You can push the style by going for a “baby doll” style, which will give you a “so cute” touch.

If you are looking more for a femme fatale effect, this is still the muslin shirt for you … But in a darker range. Create the contrast and play on transparency, preferring black underwear under a black shirt (more effective on fair skin).

They are versatile and always trendy pieces

The creation of muslin is not new! It was already a rare material and woven in the South of India in Antiquity … But it has never ceased to be coveted since. In short sleeve blouse or shirt, muslin always and tirelessly finds a place on the catwalks. In other words, you can’t go wrong: a chiffon shirt is bound to be trendy.

You can lean on sexy tops for women to create a highly elegant outfit or play with contrasts by associating muslin top with boyfriend jeans that break up the chic side. And, for the summer, you can of course put it on with shorts: it will compensate for the relaxed effect.

How to wear the chiffon shirt this summer?

Pair a chiffon blouse over a flowing midi skirt, with a pair of leather sandals for a minimalist boho look. These “boho chic” looks that herald summer.

For a more street look, combine a muslin shirt and a perfecto if you’re going out. The perfect combo: the shirt and boyfriend jeans (torn at the knees for freshness?) For a rock’n’roll and romantic effect at the same time.

If you prefer a discreet and classic style, prefer a light muslin shirt (white, ecru, pastel, baby blue). Sexy tops for women can be worn with everything: Bermuda shorts, a short skirt, paper bag or chinos in fluid material to revive the elegance.

Hope! It helped you.

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