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Buying Wedding Bands for Men and Women

Wedding bands symbolise a married couple’s commitment and love. They are often made of precious metals such as yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, or platinum. Traditionally, wedding bands are worn on the ring finger, depending on the culture. Wedding bands for women often complement their wedding ring can be bought together as a set called a wedding set or bridal set. Wedding bands in Singapore for men have a simpler style and are usually made of materials like white gold, yellow gold, titanium, or tungsten.

Wedding Bands for the Bride

Wedding bands are available in a range of setting styles from prong to pave and bezel. Some people even buy eternity bands as wedding rings. If you wish to pair your band with your engagement ring, make sure to match the metal and style as close as you can. You will have to decide on the number of diamonds and specialty details. A lot of women choose the extra sparkle on the wedding band while others prefer to keep the attention on the engagement ring.

Wedding Bands for the Groom

Wedding bands for men are simpler than bands for women; however, some include awesome detailing and intricacies. For instance, men can choose to embed diamonds into their band. Some men prefer to have the metal polished hammered, brushed, or hand-braided.

It’s important to pick a style that matches your personality and fits your lifestyle. When your hands are frequently used for work or recreation, keep any diamonds flush within the band.

How to Determine a Wedding Band’s Quality

When buying wedding bands, choose those made of high-quality materials so they will last for many years. Keep in mind some significant aspects when shopping such as the kind of precious metal to be used, the setting quality, and the diamonds.

The majority of wedding bands for men and women are made with durable materials such as yellow gold, platinum, white gold, and tungsten carbide. Ensure to pick a reputable jeweller that can give you some kind of verification of the metal to be used. The diamonds in a wedding band are smaller than the center stone of an engagement ring. Thus, getting a diamond certification for your stone would be just an unnecessary cost. But, this still depends on the diamond grade you prefer. If you prefer not to get diamond certifications, make sure to buy a wedding band from a reputable vendor.

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