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Best Types of Bow Ties

No matter how good you feel in a suit, nothing says you are complete until you put on the right accessories. By accessories, I mean a tie. But not just any tie…a bow tie. While neckties are more commonly worn, they are not meant to be worn for every type of suit made or for every occasion attended. There are some events or establishments where a typical necktie is not allowed. This is where bow ties make their entry. They may be small, but they are the classiest and most sophisticated of all ties.

Understanding the basics about the bow tie and when and where to wear a bow tie is important. Why? Because they can they be worn just about anywhere. As a matter of fact, at weddings, formal parties, dinners, and office meetings. Other than that, you can also take them to the casual side of your life. This is the quality that makes them the best bow ties. Simply put,no matter where worn, they are meant to make a statement. 

While there are a lot of different types of bow ties, here are eight of the best bow ties to buy:


The self-tie bows are the most classy and socially sophisticated of all bow ties. You can tie them the way you choose (which honestly takes some skill). This is what makes them the best and most prestigious bow ties. Like the different knots in neckties, bow ties also have different steps for different shapes. This way, you can use the same bow tie to pull off unique looks and styles just by changing the way you tie it. 


In spite of the various options self-tie presents, pre-tied bows are still the most used and popular bow ties among men . This is because most men don’t find it easy to tie a bow (again, it takes quite a bit of skill to master the bow tie). Bow tying isn’t the same as tying a necktie. It requires a lot of practice. That is why most men save their time (and sanity) by buying pre-tied bows.


This type of bow ties are not as popular now and has a less convincing style, but it’s still a favorite for its simplicity and guaranteed to fit. It is a bow tie with an attached clip at the back of the bow which affixes directly onto the collar. This can be preferred to save your time or avoids the strains of wearing a strap around your neck. It is mostly bought for children and not that common of a purchase for grown men. 

Skinny Bow Tie

The skinny bow is most often chosen for casual events. It gives most suits a sophisticated and sleek look. You often see people wearing them with tuxedos because they are thinner and longer than regular bow ties. It gives an undeniable class to its wearer and is particularly difficult to pull off on informal suits. Even though it has a slightly elongated shape, men still like the personality it provides them.

Butterfly Bow Tie

The butterfly bow tie, with its obvious name, suggests that its shape resembles a butterfly. It has a multi-layered structure that looks like a double folded bow tie. It is bigger in size and is an immediate attention grabber. It is suited for entirely formal occasions (though depending on preference can easily be worn informally). It has a more relaxed and grandly look than the other bow ties.

Semi-Butterfly Bow Tie

The semi-butterfly bow ties set the tone for bow ties. They are just a representation of butterfly bow ties but are considerably smaller and less-thicker in size. They give a classy and conservative look that can be worn to both formal and semi-formal events. Its shape is asymmetrical that gives it definition.

Batwing Bow Tie

The batwing bow tie is known for its small size and symmetrical nature. It serves as a clean-cut addition to your personality and compliments your suit a little differently than the others. It is less formal than the butterfly bow ties and therefore can also work for a casual event or be worn to work. This is one of the best bow ties for you if you’re looking for a non-traditional look.

Diamond Bow Tie

This is the most sophisticated bow tie with a diamond shape.  Its pointy arrow shape makes it captivating at formal events. You might have seen this bow shape on the classic spy movie persona, James Bond. So, if you think that you have an attractive personality, diamond bow tie is the one for you.

There are different bow types that give you a number of varieties and options to choose from. The specialty of each bow tie doesn’t let you get bored.

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