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Athleisure for Men That You Need to Try

A new movement has arisen over the past few years, and I, for one, am all about it. Let’s talk athleisure for men. Athleisure is a combo between stylish clothing and athletic clothing. The best part? It can be worn in all different settings: school, work, and the gym. Have a meeting at ten and a pickup game of basketball at noon? Not a problem; let athleisure take care of all your style needs. Are you tired of having to choose between making your girlfriend happy and being comfortable? Not a problem; let athleisure take care of all your style needs. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. In a nutshell, athleisure is god’s gift to men.

Athleisure for Men That You Need to Try

What are the necessary pieces a man needs to try and keep in his closet to complete the athleisure look? The best part about athleisure is that you can make it work to fit your style. Get style inspiration

from your environment and add some athleisure pieces. But, if you are still feeling a little lost, let this give you some direction.

The first piece that every athleisure professional needs in his closet is a hoodie. A hoodie is a great layering piece that you can mix and match to make so many combos. Put a band t-shirt under the hoodie

you are ready for a day at the park; layer on a pea coat on top of the hoodie for the colder months for a fun night out with friends. During the months where you feel like you are going to melt, tie a hoodie

around your waist on your way out of the door, as everyone knows when it is hot outside, it is always kept extra cold in buildings. The hoodie is a relaxed, comfortable way to pull an outfit together.

Sweat Pants for days 

The second article every man interested in the athleisure look needs to try is a pair of sweat/ track pants. A pair of sweat pants it a great piece to pair and with just about anything and everything. The sweat pants are a happy median between shorts and dress pants, not too casual but not too dressy. A true athleisure professional tip would be to try to find sweatpants with moisture-wicking fabric to prevent sweating.

A Great T-shirt 

The next piece of clothing that should be in every male’s closet is a great t-shirt. Long sleeve or short sleeve, it doesn’t matter; what matters is the quality and, more importantly, comfort. Find a shirt that

is tailored fit that you can wear anywhere and everywhere. Throw it under a hoodie to dress it down or throw on a fitted blazer and hit the town. The fitted T-shirt is so versatile; the best way to mix up a look

is to try different necklines: V-neck, standard, or crew neck are various looks that can please all athleisure fans.

The Kicks 

The third piece of clothing that is worth investing in is a nice pair of sneakers. Now not to deny a great pair of running shoes its glory, but a nice pair of elevated sneakers can tie a look together (pun intended). A man of athleisure knows the importance of a top to bottom look, and a clean pair of sneakers can help bring a look from comfortable to chic.

A Topper 

The last piece of clothing that is the cherry on top of an athleisure look is a hat. Every athleisure men’s look should have some accessory, and the hat is the perfect option. Don’t feel like doing your hair, but can’t walk into dinner with an untamed mane? A hat is an ideal solution to create a polished and refined look for any man on the go. The baseball cap can be worn to the gym or with a pair of sweatpants and a jacket to look comfy chic. 

Other accessories to consider are watches, bags, and a beautiful

necklace. While these are just staples to get you started, there are many pieces you can add to your athleisure collection. For example, in the summer months, you want to invest in a great pair of board shorts. In the winter, you may want to consider investing in a lovely scarf or hat to tie an outfit together. The best way to keep a great athleisure forward closet is to focus on a mainly neutral pallet with pops of color that you can interchange to make a comfortable chic look for the man on the go.

Athleisure is such a fun way to find a happy medium between comfort and chic. A man should always dress to impress, and these few pieces are a great and easy way of moving in the direction. Men’s athleisure is a great way to impress your buds, boss, and babes.

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