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All You Need to Know About Makeup for Beginners

Do you feel lost every time you visit the beauty store? Or are you trying very hard to religiously follow every new makeup tutorial you watch? Well, while taking baby steps into the boundless world of makeup may feel exciting and beautiful, it may also be intimidating at the same time. However, remember that every makeup aficionado was once a beginner! If you want to achieve a seemingly basic makeup look, we bring to you your best bet – a makeup step-by-step tutorial for beginners that is really easy to follow!

What are your prime-ry needs?

First things first, the first step is often overlooked especially by beginners – prepping your face with a primer. It is amazing how long your makeup can last with the use of a primer. All you have to do is dab a little bit of primer and let it gently blend into the skin without adding any extra glimmer. It not only reduces redness and acne marks, but is also great for oily skin.

Keep your Base-ics on point

If you’re a total amateur, the answer to how to apply makeup can actually never be complete without the mention of our very humble foundation. Put a genius to the task and make it a point to use a hydrating foundation with a unique colour-adapting technology that allows you to get just the perfect match to your skin tone. What’s more is, a lot of foundations today come equipped with sun filters that shield your complexion and protect it all along.

Use your magic wand

Next up is our most favourite magician – the concealer! From pimples to dark circles – there is absolutely no flaw that this beauty can not camouflage. Visit a beauty store and make it a point to do a swatch test in order to buy for yourself just the perfect shade of concealer. In addition to this, make sure to look for one that is crease-resistant with a lightweight texture that undoubtedly seals the deal for us.

Just wing it

Thanks to butter fingers, most of us these days have entirely forgotten about this piece of beauty. Get your liner right in point and bring out your inner Cleopatra and make it a point to go for a fine-tipped, smudge-proof and quick-dry formula. Well, what are you waiting for? Just go – wing it!

Lippies & glosses

Here comes the final and most significant step of our tutorial – the lips! The good part is, there’s no hard and fast rule to follow here. Just grab your favourite shade of lipstick, lip balm or lip gloss and give your face a final touch of colour! Pair it up with your favourite dress and walk right out of your house, rocking it all the way!

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