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5 Ways to Arm Yourself and Protect Your Family 

What should you do to protect your family from crime? What is the best course of action when faced with an intruder in your home? We know it’s not a popular opinion lately, but we think people should carry guns. And if you don’t want to carry, then you need to have a way of defending yourself that does not rely on others being around. If you are already a gun enthusiast, you may want people to know about it with a statement t-shirt.

Arm Yourself 

There is no perfect tool for self-defense, but we can’t deny the effectiveness of guns. For first-time shooters, the choice of a firearm for home defense can be daunting. We suggest the amazing versatility of a pneumatic pistol in its many models gives you quite a few options. They can be used anywhere you have room for an air compressor or tank and hoses except where prohibited by law.

If you’re looking to get a gun, you might also want to grab yourself a nice graphic tee that shows your commitment to your right to keep and bear arms. 

Get a Security System or Home Automation System 

Keep your home safe and well monitored with a home security automation system. From its ability to turn on lights before you get home to monitoring temperature around the clock, it provides you with peace of mind when you’re away from home. Also, most home automation systems are compatible with a wide range of systems and smart devices to ensure a seamless experience.

Take Self Defense Courses 

Getting you in the mindset to fight is a cornerstone of a good self-defense course. Before you put yourself in dangerous situations, learning how to assess the threat and how to create an effective plan will help you feel confident about removing yourself from danger. Learn easy and effective techniques that will help you become physically stronger and more confident to defend yourself and your family. 

Get Two Factor Authentication for Online Accounts 

Two-factor authentication is an extra layer of security for online accounts. It requires a password and a one-time passcode that is delivered to your device via SMS or an application like Google Authenticator to log in. Think of it as your own personal bodyguard: one dude standing at the front door (your password) plus another dude waiting around the corner (your passcode) to ensure that only you can enter. These can often prevent fraudulent purchases, make sure that only you can use your account. For example, if somebody else tries to buy a designer bag using your account you would be able to detect it because you would have to authorize it first.

Get Smartphone Alerts 

Network activity can indicate if someone is stealing your information, so make sure to turn your alerts on. Using location services will pinpoint the last photo taken from your phone. Once the sensors on your home security system are armed, it will send you notifications of any detected activity via your smartphone. Whenever a door, window or cabinet is opened or closed, or whenever a motion sensor is activated, the notifications will let you know. 


Your home is the most important asset you have. If you want to keep it in good condition, you need to understand how to ward off potential risks and threats. There may be unforeseen threats around your neighborhood so it’s important to have a gun by your bedside table or your dresser. The firearm should be enclosed in a child-safe case, of course. It is also a bonus if you know self-defense techniques and execute them properly. But when the push comes to the shove, it is good to have a firearm within reach. Meanwhile, there are steps you can take before an intruder actually gets to step inside your home. Make sure you have a home security system. Burglar alarms are designed to alert the authorities of an intrusion so that measures can be taken to protect people and property, or at least be aware of a situation. Now that you know, you can apply these tips to make your home safer.

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