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5 Rules of Wedding Gifts

Wedding planningEach time you are invited to be a guest at a wedding, you invariably are faced with that timeless question: what gift should you give? We have five rules for wedding gifts that guarantee the recipients will absolutely love what you give.

1. Purchase from Their Registry

It isn’t necessary to get creative. Almost 85% of brides would like you to choose a wedding gift off of their wedding registry list. In addition, 98% of brides have one registry at least, either online or in a store.

Search online to find out where the bride and groom are registered: four out of ten couples set up a wedding website with links to their online registries. Many retailers these days make it more convenient to shop by providing guests with online access to registries, or you can also purchase at the store in person. There is a reason why couples get registries set up. If you stick to them, it is impossible for you to purchase a gift they don’t love!

2. Bath, Bed, Entertaining Gifts

Unlike the past, couple’s today like having modern twists on some of the more traditional wedding gifts, although some of the most desired gifts still come from the bath, bedding, dining and kitchen departments.

When it comes to entertaining, brides are big on everyday affairs, so think about giving stainless flatware and a set of dishes that is able to multitask – that can either be dressed down for their backyard barbecues or dressed up for having the boss over for dinner. Something like mint julep cups which can look great outside containing a summery mojito or equally as glamorous inside with a warm cup of mulled wine.

It seems that everybody these days thinks of themselves as a gourmet, and many couples upgrade their kitchens with the finest appliances when they get married. Give the gift of state-of-the-art kitchen cookware, gadget and gear that not only work great but look fantastic on the counter as well.

For luxurious bath and bedding, give gifts that create hotel or spa-like environments each morning. Consider purchasing three items in a theme: how about a pair of high thread-count luxury towels, a thick down blanket and a set of ultra-soft pillows?

3. Don’t Spend Under £50

It isn’t a good idea to use the price-per-plate for determining how much money to spend on a wedding gift. Just because your best friend is having a more casual wedding doesn’t mean you want to get her a less expensive gift. You should spend what you believe is appropriate based on your relationship with the couple. In addition, consider what is reasonable for your city. Although a friend or colleague might expect a gift costing somewhere in the £50–75 range, the expectations might be twice that for someone living in an urban area.

4. Give a Large Group Gift

A survey was conducted that showed that the favourite gifts of married couples were big ticket items that a group of their friends purchased. That makes sense since most likely they can’t afford to purchase those luxuries themselves. If a couple is registered for a gift that costs more than one individual can afford, ask a few other guests to go in and buy it with you. Another really good idea is for the bridal party to get together and purchase a special gift for the couple.

5. Purchase It within Two Months

There really is no excuse for delays these days with all of the convenience offered by online purchasing and shipping. Try sending your gift within two months of the date of the wedding. Don’t take it with you to the wedding, no matter how excited you might be for them to see it. They don’t want to have to carry it around, and it might get damaged. It makes it much easier for everybody if you ship it directly to them.

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