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3 Ways to Style a Jumpsuit

The jumpsuit is a perfect basic for your wardrobe. With just a few accessories, you can dress it up and create an outfit that’s suitable for dining out or heading off to a stylish event, especially if you choose a crepey black fabric or a deep color. It’s dressy enough for work and casual enough for lunch with friends.

We especially love the adorable jumpsuits we’re seeing for little girls from Presley Couture. They’re suitable for back to school or an Easter brunch, depending on how you accessorize them, and are also kid-friendly. Your girl can run around and play comfortably while still looking as cute as can be.

If you don’t have a jumpsuit, consider adding this versatile basic to your closet. You’ll be surprised by how much you put this piece into play.

The Fitted Jacket

A short fitted jacket will dress up or dress down your jumpsuit, depending on the material and style. Pick a more tailored piece to create the perfect office ensemble. A professional jacket or blazer is also a great basic to have that will transform other casual clothes into stellar outfits that are suitable for work.

A denim, leather, or army-green jacket will take your jumpsuit from elegant to stylishly casual. Try pairing the outfit with some short boots and big hoop earrings for a fun and flirty look.

The Belt and Purse

To dress up your wardrobe basic, try a thin gold belt. Match it with a smaller purse on a long strap, or sparkly chain for a touch of bling. A chain belt is also a smart way to go, but don’t pick a chain purse if you go that route. Stick with leather.

For lots of style but less dress, go with a bigger purse. Paired with a big floppy hat and some sunglasses, you’re set for warmer weather or your alter ego as a celebrity in disguise.

The Top

Of course, the most important styling choice you have is the top you wear under your jumpsuit. Ruffly or lacey, basic or blousey–whatever you pick will set the foundation for your outfit.

You can go full-poet blouse on the sleeves if you like, but to avoid looking shapeless, we recommend that the body of the top be more form-fitting. Often, a cute casual ruffle peeking out is all you need for daily wear.

If you are going for dressy accessories such as heavy jewelry, a jacket, or other standouts, consider keeping your top more simple.

When I first heard that jumpsuits were coming back, I was skeptical. My grandfather wore a powder blue jumpsuit with a bolo tie all through the seventies. It wasn’t exactly my idea of high fashion. Or any fashion at all, really.

But these fluid jumpsuits that can go from casual daily wear to tailored wear for the office, and also be effortlessly elegant at the ballet, well, they’re just a game changer. Basically, it’s the new equivalent of the little black dress. So don’t be afraid to jump in with a jumpsuit. This piece can be anything you want it to be; It’s a closet staple you’ll use again and again.

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